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Oh, how I hate the Hansbrough brothers

There aren’t too many athletes I despise more than Tyler (Psycho T) Hansbrough. There aren’t many teams I dislike more than the Indiana Pacers. What do we have from last night? Well, watch Psycho T get mad when his brother is accidentally elbowed. Advertisements

Zlatan with the most insane goal of the year

Just your standard 30 yard bicycle kick for a goal. Not to mention, it was his fourth goal of the game…

Well, the Angels have the best lineup of all time…

According to ‘multiple sources’ the Los Angeles Angels have signed Josh Hamilton to a 5 year $125 million contract. They will now undoubtedly have one of the most formidable offensive forces in the history of baseball. I found it surprising that he signed with the Angels, as they were never mentioned as a suitor for … Continue reading

Are the Broncos Super Bowl Worthy?

Peyton Manning, as we all expected, has completely transformed the Denver Broncos organization. It was a huge risk to take in 35-year-old quarterback who missed the entire 2011-12 because of neck injuries, but one that GM John Elway was willing to take. It has completely paid off so far. Watching the Broncos offense is a … Continue reading

Worst Free Throw Ever

The title doesn’t even do this “shot” justice. One of the few times I’ve been at a loss for words about sports. Watch the Worst Free Throw Ever

Joe Thomas, Nobody Cares

After I saw that Cleveland Browns lineman called his former teammate, now member of the Kansas City Chiefs, “toxic” I couldn’t believe that anyone still cared about the whole situation. For anyone who doesn’t remember, Peyton Hillis was coming off a career year in which he rushed for over 1,000 yards and 17 touchdowns as … Continue reading

The Latest Edition of the JaVale McGee Blooper Reel

Just as it cannot be argued that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time, I think JaVale McGee has solidified his role as biggest goon to ever play basketball. We should give him props though, it took over a month for him to have “Not Top 10” moment. #ClassicJaVale JaVale McGee rebounds, … Continue reading

Spurs Fined $250,000 for sitting Stars

David Stern is back at it again. I have to admit that I truly thought he was bluffing, however, Stern fined the Spurs a quarter of a million dollars for not playing four players on their team. The game was nationally televised and highly anticipated, yet Spurs coach Gregg Popovich believed his older players could … Continue reading

Johnny Football to Johnny Heisman

Defenders around the country endure yet another slap in the face after watching Johnny Manziel win the Heisman. While you can look at his stats and tell me that he is a freshman who beat Alabama, he didn’t deserve it. The only reason Johnny Football was a finalist was because of the impressive win over … Continue reading