Joe Thomas, Nobody Cares

Hillis vs. ThomasAfter I saw that Cleveland Browns lineman called his former teammate, now member of the Kansas City Chiefs, “toxic” I couldn’t believe that anyone still cared about the whole situation.

For anyone who doesn’t remember, Peyton Hillis was coming off a career year in which he rushed for over 1,000 yards and 17 touchdowns as well as becoming the Madden 12 cover boy. As anyone with that kind of season would do, he asked for a new contract since his was expiring after the 2011 season. Negotiations went on throughout the year and no agreement was reached, however, drama surrounded the issue and has been believed to be the reason Hillis is no longer a Brown. After posting a 4-12 record, the Browns and Hillis parted ways for good followed by Hillis joining the Kansas City Chiefs.

While it’s obviously that the topic would arise since the two teams played each other in week 14, does anyone actually care. Hillis is a platoon running back for the worst team in the NFL and Thomas, while very good at his position, a member of an irrelevant organization. There’s no reason for Thomas to even bring this up for two reasons. 1) The Chiefs have one win this season and 2) nobody likes a tattletale.

Get over it.


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