Are the Broncos Super Bowl Worthy?

Peyton Manning, as we all expected, has completely transformed the Denver Broncos organization. It was a huge risk to take in 35-year-old quarterback who missed the entire 2011-12 because of neck injuries, but one that GM John Elway was willing to take. It has completely paid off so far. Watching the Broncos offense is a thing of beauty. Just last week, the recorded over 40 first downs against the lowly Raiders.

The real question is, can this Broncos team win a Super Bowl?


I honestly believe that any team with a healthy Peyton Manning at quarterback certainly has a chance. With Knowshon Moreno finding his stride in place of veteran Willis McGahee and Demaryius Thomas become an elite receiver the Broncos can score at will. However, I see some flaws with their defense.

As a fantasy owner of the Broncos defense, I have watched a good amount of their games and I have noticed that their defense can be very good. Unfortunately, against a good offense, they have had some embarrassing games. If they have any chance of winning, they will probably need to score 4-5 touchdowns a game. It will be interesting to see how Peyton and the Broncos fair over the next few weeks.


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